Scientific Programme

The biennial meeting NeuroGASTRO 2023 is a well-established European event. ESNM is proud to bring together leading experts and emerging young investigators actively involved in neurogastroenterology, digestive motility and functional gastrointestinal diseases from Europe and from all around the world to discuss cutting-edge research. The congress presents the latest in science and education in various formats to suit the needs of all participants, including challenging state-of-the-art lectures.

Main topics of NeuroGASTRO 2023:

  • Mechanisms underlying normal and disordered gastrointestinal function
  • Pain mechanisms and visceral hypersensitivity
  • Role of the microbiome and diet in health and disease, including the role of host-microbe interactions
  • Dietary interventions, including pre-, pro- and syn- and postbiotics
  • Mechanisms and diagnostic techniques in food intolerance
  • Pathophysiological and clinical aspects of disorders of gut-brain interaction
  • Technologies for the assessment of gastrointestinal motility and perception
  • Current and future therapies for disordered gut function and disorders of gut-brain interaction
  • Brain-gut interactions in health and disease
  • Epidemiology of disordered gut function and disorders of gut-brain interaction